The use of a helmet is mandatory for all events. Helmets used in USASA Snowboard/Ski events shall be specifically designed and manufactured for use in snow sports and shall bear a CE mark and conform to recognized and appropriate standards such as CE 1077 or US 2040, ASTM 2040.

You will be required to have a Ceritified for Snowsports use helmet on your head before participaing in any USASA SnowOhio Series event.

Please review section 151.03 “Saftety Equipment” of the 2015/2016 Rule Book available at  So please, no “dude whats up with that”………..its your responsibility to get the right lid on your head.

They’ll have a sticker inside stating “APPROVED FOR SNOWSPORTS USE & the CE 1077 or US 2040, ASTM 2040 tags.  Talk to the guy or gal in your local shop, be sure they show you the sticker that says its approved before you lay down your cash, cause if you show up wearing a helmet that’s not approved, you’re gonna be a DNS.


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